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Longacre Wireless AccuSet 12" 1100lb Single Cell CNC Machined Pads


Item #  LON-72690
MPN :   72690
Condition:    New

Retail Price: $1,849.00 

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Product Details

 Comes with 12" x 12" 1100 lb. capacity pads for lighter weight cars.

Great for IMCA cars, Street Stocks, Legends, Dwarf, Mini Cup, Karts, Road Racing Formula classes


Economy Wireless Model


  • Uses the very latest 802.15.4 DSSS wireless protocol at 2.3 GHz for the ultimate in security and reliability.
  • Power consumption is so low the batteries only need to be changed once a season or even less.
  • No cables to work around. Transmitters are completely enclosed inside the pads for protection. No antennas to knock off, no fragile external modules dangling off the side.
  • System includes Wireless control box with molded carrying case and 4 CNC machined 12" x 12" 1100 lb capacity pads.
  • To protect your pads (they have electronics inside) from damage we strongly recommend our optional pad case. See part number 72280.
  • 2 year limited warranty

Wireless AccuSet™ Control Box
Simple to use - just push 2 buttons to get everything you need!
- Push one button for all 4 wheel weights
- Push a second button for all partial %

The connection uses the very latest 802.15.4 DSSS wireless protocol at 2.3 GHz and is secure and virtually "unhackable". Power consumption is so low that no charger is needed. Change the batteries only once a season or less!