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POP ABS4345---250 Rivet 1/8" x 5/32"-5/16" Multigrip 250 Count


Item #  POP-ABS4345---250
MPN :   ABS4345---250
Condition:    New

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Product Details

1/8 x 5/32 to 5/16 AL/ST Multigrip 250 count

Grip Range: 5/32" to 5/16"
Body: Aluminum
Mandrel: Steel
Head: Dome


Multi-Grip Rivets:

  • Wide grip range
  • Optimum clamp-up force
  • Accommodates oversized and irregular sized holes
  • High mandrel head retention
  • Vibration and moisture resistant
  • Dome, countersunk, and large flange head styles available
POP Brand Multi Grip Rivets


Pop Brand Multi-Grip Rivets

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To determine the proper size and grip range for your rivet selection, print this page and use the Pop Rivet Gage to the left.


Product Specifications

1/8 x 5/32 to 5/16 AL/ST Multigrip 250 count

Grip Range: 5/32" to 5/16"
Body: Aluminum
Mandrel: Steel
Head: Dome


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