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Irvan-Smith IS3-BS-1 Bumpsteer Gauge - 1" Travel

Irvan-Smith, Inc

Item #  IS3-BS-1
MPN :   IS3-BS-1
Country of Origin:    USA
Condition:    New

Your Price: $425.00

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Product Details

1 inch travel Bumpsteer Gauge

Used by a majority of NASCAR Teams!  Fits Cup, Nationwide, Truck, Late Model and Modified with independent suspension.

Bump steer in a race car should be minimized as it could fight everything that the driver is trying to accomplish with the steering wheel.  In general, the rougher the track's surface, the more important it is to minimize bump steer.

This can be accomplished with our bump steer gauge.  Comes complete with excellent instructions and aluminum storage box.

Recommended by Larry McReynolds in his book How To Become a Winning Crew Chief

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Bumpsteer Gauge Instructions:

/scart/images/UPLOAD/File/Bump Steer Gauge Instructions.pdf

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