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Uni-Jig 7236-3DP/18330-3DGrid Decal/Caliper Combo


Item #  DCS-7236-3DP/1830-3D
MPN :   7236-3DP/18330-3D
Condition:    New

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Make your set-ups quicker and more accurate than ever before. This measuring system will make for a more repeatable race car every time it goes to the track. Measure the car for roll center calculation, rear steer, true ackerman gain, or whatever else you may need to measure to properly set-up your car. 
This system consists of a precision printed and laminated vinyl overlay (apply to an aluminum sheet) with an X-Y axis grid, large enough to gather data from your entire front suspension, and a Z axis caliper adjustable to 30" in height from the plate. The plate can be used in conjunction with our Unijig chassis jig or by itself as a great addition to your shop. You can even take it to the track.
A number of  Cup, NASCAR Series, ASA, SCCA/NASA, NHRA, USMTS, IMCA and weekend racers have seen and used the system and we've had nothing but praise for the combination of simplicity, accuracy and speed built in.
Actual grid decal dimensions: 36” X 72”

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