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Accucutter 2001EVO 12" Modular Shear


Item #  ACC-2001EVO
MPN :   2001EVO
Condition:    New

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Product Details

Bronze Bushings
     Five oil impregnated bronze bushings have been added to reinforce pivot points and extend the usable life of the shear. The bushings take the abuse and protect the parts of the shear. When the bushings wear, they are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Lighter & More Compact
     The 2001EVO is still a 12” shear. However, as a result of the redesign the weight has been reduced by five pounds and the overall height and length have been reduced by two inches. The shear now takes less bench space and is easier to move around the shop.

Improved Drop-Off Gauge
     Most drop-off gauges are set by tightening a thumb screw or bolt on a rod. When this is done, it makes a mark on the rod. Eventually there are so many marks on the rod that they interfere with the adjustment of the drop-off gauge.Accucutter®’s new drop-off gauge pinches the rod when it is tightened. There is no mark, and the drop-off gauge remains infinitely adjustable. The drop-off gauge is shown to the right, and it also shown mounted on the shear in the right picture at the top of the page.

Reduced Effort
     The operating geometry of the 2001 has been modified and bronze bushings added to improve its leverage. The result is a 35% reduction in the effort required to operate the shear. The improvement is noticeable regardless of the material being cut, and it is particularly dramatic when cutting hard materials like engravers brass and brass plated steel.

“Blade Stabilizer”®
    A blade stabilizer or brace has been developed and added to the upper blade holder to improve the ability to shave or trim harder materials like brass plated steel.

Step Ruler
     The typical ruler is a stamped piece of thin metal. The ruler from Accucutter® is machined from a solid piece of steel. There are six steps involved in its manufacture with the last being a precision grinding of the front edge to insure that the ruler is straight and true. Because of its thickness, it is very stable, and the edge will not lift or distort allowing material to slide underneath the ruler. Lastly, the ruler is stepped to place the measuring edge close to the work surface for easier reading. The ruler is graduated in 1/16th's of an inch.

Glide Block
     There is a 2.5” square block on the 2001EVO and similar shears that is the connection between the handle and the upper blade holder. It has a slot in it. Every time the handle is moved, a pin moves in the slot. The slot is under great pressure and subject to wear, particularly if it is not lubricated regularly. Originally it was made from aluminum, but Accucutter® changed it to steel several years ago to improve the durability of the shear. Now an oil impregnated bronze bushing has been added for even greater durability.

Curved Power Blades
     The Curved Power Blade represents a substantial performance improvement for the scissors type shear. The new blade with its graceful curve replaces the old style, straight edge blade. The new blade improves both the quality of the cut and ease of operation of the 2001 Shear. The Curved Power Blades were developed byAccucutter® and are available for cutting metal or plastic. They are standard on the 2001 Shears and are also available as replacement blades for all 2001 Shears. The bottom blade remains unchanged.

Operator's Manual
     A comprehensive Operator’s Manual is included with every 2001EVO. The manual provides information and instructions concerning the set up and proper use of the 2001EVO, installing and adjusting the blades, and proper maintenance and safety procedures. In addition, Accucutter® is always available by telephone to provide the shear operator with advice and assistance.

Shear Capacity:
     · Aluminum.................................................. .040"
· Brass........................................................ .025"
· Flexible Plastic.......................................... .125"
Brass Plated Steel..................................... .020"

Size & Weight:
     · Size: 23"L x 15"W x 8"H
· Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.    

Availability & Ordering
     The 2001EVO is available for immediate shipping. At the time of ordering it is necessary to specify which type of blade you prefer. The choices are either for metal, for plastic or a combination blade. If you are unsure which blade will be best for you, call Accucutter® to discuss your choice.

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