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VersaTie Connectors VersaTie Connectors
Our VersaTie track kits make installation of your e-track solution a snap. Here you'll find the hardware and connectors to fit your load, including O-rings, studs, and other tie down rings.

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Model Manufacturer Product Name Price Buy Now
    Mac's Tie-Downs 310001 Single Stud Tie-Down Ring VT-1000   MAC-310001   Mac's Tie-Downs 
This VersaTie™ connector has a cadmium plated alloy steel stud, anodized aluminum body and stainless steel ring for quick, secure one hand installation. Ring rotates full 360 degrees.
    Mac's Tie-Downs 472043 Four Prong Knob VT-2500K   MAC-472043   Mac's Tie-Downs 
This molded phenolic knob features a M10-1.5 threaded brass insert with a thruhole.
    Mac's Tie-Downs 310002 Double Stud Tie-Down Ring VT-2000   MAC-310002   Mac's Tie-Downs 
For maximum strength loads, this fitting utilizes a dual stud connection and high strength stainless steel ring. Excellent for vehicle tie-down applications. 5000lb rating.
    Mac's Tie-Downs 310003 Double Stud Idler Fitting VT-2000I   MAC-310003   Mac's Tie-Downs 
This fitting combines the same high strength forged body as the VT-2000 with a 2" wide rectangular ring as a strap guide. 5000lb rating.
    Mac's Tie-Downs 310004 Double Stud Fitting with Pear Shaped Ring VT-2003   MAC-310004   Mac's Tie-Downs 
This fitting utilizes a "pear" ring that allows it to be pulled off angle from the track. Ideal for applications where the track is installed close to obstructions such as cabinets, walls, etc. 5000lb rating.
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1