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Longacre Flip-up Start / Ignition panel w/ 2 acc & pilot lights


Item #  LON-44867
MPN :   44867
Condition:    New

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Product Details

The Longacre Advantage

  • Flip-up AND Weatherproof Covers
    • Panel includes both aircraft style flip-up and silicone rubber weatherproof ignition switch covers - easily changed to match your preference.
  • Easy to Install
    • Panel comes pre-wired for an easy installation - even easier with Heavy Duty Wiring Harness 44930.
    • Panel can be mounted directly to your dash or to your roll bar with Mounting Brackets 22783 or 22787.
  • Matching Graphics
    • Clean modern graphics match our 2015 gauge and battery disconnect panels
  • High capacity (40 amp at 12 volts) ignition switch with aircraft style cover and pilot light - Easy to turn off in an emergency from any angle, even with gloves. Will not turn off from vibration.
  • Silicone rubber weatherproof ignition switch cover included - to keep out dirt and moisture
  • Starter button with weatherproof cover
  • 2 accessory switches with silicone rubber switch covers and pilot lights
  • Great looking Aluminum Panel - black anodized with clean, modern graphics
  • Pre-wired with high insulation "Fat" wires and soldered terminals with heat shrink connections
  • Plugs into Longacre wiring harness P/N 44930
  • Mounts to 1-3/4" or 1-1/2" roll bar with Longacre Bolt-On Mounting Brackets P/Ns 22783 or 22787
Product Specifications

Ignition Switch
  Style: Toggle
  Cover Installed: Aircraft style flip
  Alternate Cover Included: Weatherproof silicone rubber
  Pilot Light Included: Yes
  Rating: 40 amps @ 12 volts or 20 amps @ 110 volts
Starter Switch
  Style: Push button
  Cover: Weatherproof silicone rubber
  Rating: 15 amps @ 12 volts resistive
Accessory Switches
  Quantity Included: 2
  Style: Toggle
  Cover: Weatherproof silicone rubber
  Pilot Lights Included: Yes
  Rating: 40 amps @ 12 volts or 20 amps @ 110 volts
  Material: Lightweight aluminum
  Finish: Black anodized
  Panel Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 3 5/8"
  Wiring Included: Yes